How To Prepare For Catering

When organising a party, you require a caterer to prepare and serve food to your guests. Adequate preparation is the secret to successful catering. Although the caterer takes charge of most things, your input and cooperation play a significant role in ensuring the overall success of your party. Below are a few tips to help you prepare as you cater to your guests. 

Menu Setting

The food and drinks served at your event go a long way in setting the mood and making the occasion memorable. Don't choose your favourite foods when creating the menu. Instead, think about your guests. For example, you could consider finger foods if you will have many kids at the party. On the other hand, adults enjoy the freedom of choice. Therefore, include several dishes in every food category. Additionally, ensure that vegetarians, people on a diet or those with allergies to specified foods can still enjoy a quality meal without feeling left out. If the event has many senior adults, you should consider low-sugar and easy-to-chew foods. 

Given that your guests have varying tastes, you should have a wide array of drinks at your party. For instance, you could have non-alcoholic beverages such as fruit cocktails, lemonades, smoothies, glow in the dark drinks and punches. Alcoholic drinks could include cocktails, jungle juice, liqueurs and vodka.  


Ask the caterer for a quote to establish how much you will spend on food and drinks. Negotiate for a discount and ask the caterer how to reduce the catering costs without compromising the quality of foods served. For instance, the caterer could ask you to opt for locally sourced foods rather than expensive imported products. Most caterers are skilled chefs who can transform your ordinary meals into classic dishes that you will love. 

Insist On A Tasting

A few days before the event, ask your caterer to organise a tasting. Typically, the professional will prepare the dishes they will serve at your event for a smaller group of people. The tasting allows you to assess the foods and ask for adjustments. For instance, you may want the meat well-done or raw vegetables. Besides, you should ensure that the portions are adequate. 

Identify Challenges

What challenges will the caterer experience at your event? For example, when holding a party outdoors, you should provide a catering tent. Depending on your menu, the caterer might have to prepare fish and vegetable salads at the site. In this case, you should assess the site to establish a suitable place for the caterer to set up a kitchen. 

Catering preparation tips include menu setting, budgeting, asking for a tasting and identifying challenges. 

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