3 Rules to Observe when Ordering a Custom Cake

A super special occasion, such as your child's first birthday, your father's retirement or your graduation party, needs a show-stopping customised cake. Therefore, commissioning a top creative baker is the first vital step to take if you want to experience an unforgettable celebration. However, with hundreds of different ideas donning the internet, where do you start? Unbeknownst to most people, the process of getting a customised cake is straightforward but only if you follow a few critical rules. This article provides insights into these rules.

Custom Cakes Take Time -- One of the most critical rules you should observe when ordering a custom cake from your baker is that it needs time. A baker needs enough time to bring your ideas to life; therefore, patience is necessary. Even if a cake is meant for only two people, your baker still needs time to prepare the cake according to your specifications. Unfortunately, most clients get anxious when the baker tells them that they need a couple of days to make a custom cake. Therefore, it is vital first to call a baker, give them your ideas, and ask them when the cake will be ready. You can change bakers if you are not satisfied with the timeline provided. The rule of thumb is to ensure that you order your custom cake in good time at least a few weeks before your main event.

Don't Forget Medical Conditions -- Everything that goes into custom cakes interacts with the body in one way or another. For this reason, you should be careful about what you ask a baker to include as part of your cake. You must, therefore, inform the baker, beforehand, of any ingredients that you are allergic to. For example, if it is your friend's graduation party, but the friend is lactose intolerant, then give the information to the baker. The baker will consider using other forms of milk that will not affect your friend's health.

Organise Appropriate Transport -- If your custom cake is tall and elaborate, then you need to organise an appropriate means of transport. Although most bakeries offer transportation services, few are tailor-made for customised, elaborate and delicate cakes. If such intricate cakes are transported with other ordinary cakes, then you risk receiving a damaged gourmet cake. You can avoid the challenge by arranging for an appropriate means of transport for your cake. For instance, a custom cake with several tiers requires a transport vehicle with substantial roof clearance.

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A super special occasion, such as your child's first birthday, your father's retirement or your graduation party, needs a show-stopping customised cak