Corporate Event Catering: A Guide for Caterers

Food is an essential element of any corporate event. Poorly prepared food could significantly impact the reputation of a company. As such, most companies choose to hire seasoned event caterers to prepare food and serve guests during such functions. Below are a few considerations to make when planning catering services for corporate events.

Number and profile of guests

Inquire how many people will attend the event. The amount of food you prepare should be sufficient for more than the number of guests. In such a way, you can accommodate extra guests and people that require extra servings. If there will be dignitaries and VIPs at the event, you may choose to prepare special food for them or have a dedicated serving station.


Some companies will have an open budget for major corporate events. It is best to inquire about how much the company is willing to spend. If you think that the amount will not be adequate, inform the management in advance to avoid conflict during payment. The best way of doing this is to create a detailed quote and tell your client of any extra cost they might incur.

Menu and special diets

As a caterer, you have to be creative with the menu. Remember that the attending guests are people with exquisite taste. As such, you have to go beyond the ordinary and impress them with your organisation's culinary expertise. If the event will run for a few days, avoid repeating dishes. Provide guests with freedom of choice. For instance, prepare a variety of meats and cereals. Do not forget to consider vegetarians and people with allergies when planning the menu. Serve high-quality drinks during evening parties. The menu can also be designed to be in line with the event's theme. 


Below are a few serving ideas you can consider. 

  • If time allows it, you can have several food stations at the event. In such a way, guests have the freedom to determine what kinds of food they will eat. They can also prepare themselves light meals, such as salads, eggs and bacon.
  • Reception service provides guests with an opportunity to interact. However, avoid serving them with foods that require knives and forks.
  • Plated buffet service is best if the guests would want to continue working as they eat.
  • Food and drink trucks are perfect for outdoor events.
  • Be careful when preparing pre-plated foods. If the food stays too long before it is served, it could get cold or even discolour. 

When planning corporate event catering, consider the number of guests, guest profile, budget, menu, and service. 

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