3 Creative Ways to Upcycle Plastic Water Bottles in the Kitchen

Plastic water bottles have been a standard commodity in modern kitchens for decades. However, as you pile up plastic water bottles in your kitchen, the waste starts to become a nuisance. If you have many plastic bottles in your kitchen, then you should be thinking of reusing them. However, most people believe that they have to be overly crafty to upcycle plastic containers.

Nothing could be further from the truth. All you need is a little bit of effort and guidance and your food preparation and dining experience will never be the same thanks to the upcycling of plastic water bottles. Read on for creative ways to reuse plastic water bottles.

Separate Yolk From Egg White

If you love your omelettes yolk-free or want your cake to rise well, then you probably know why careful separation of the yolk from the egg white is essential. While it is possible to use a spoon or your hands, these are messy options and don't guarantee clean separation, especially if you are dealing with many eggs. A water bottle not only leaves the work area clean but it also ensures that no traces of yolk remain in the egg whites. With an empty 300ML water bottle in hand, open the top and squeeze the sides to let out air. Next, direct the open top to the yolk and release your grip. The action creates a suction action which sucks the yolk into the bottle. It is excellent when working with many eggs because it is fast and clean.

Ice Cube Holder

Nothing beats lunch with a cold glass of juice on the porch on a hot summer afternoon. However, if you keep your ice cubes in a bowl, they will melt fast and force you to make several trips to the kitchen for more ice. Did you know that you can use a water bottle to make ice melt longer? All you need are two 1.5-litre water bottles and a pair of scissors. Cut one bottle into two halves and keep the funnel-shaped piece and do the same to the other container, but this time discard the funnel and keep the lower section. Insert the funnel-shaped portion into the lower part with the neck facing down. Once you pour the ice cubes into the funnel, you will be able to separate melting water from the ice cubes. As the ice melts, the water drips into the lower container, thereby reducing the ice's melting rate.

Self-Watering Planters

If you love cooking your food with herbs, then used plastic bottles offers a chance to grow your herbs. You need a water bottle, scissors, seeds, string, water and potting soil. Cut the bottle horizontally to separate the top funnel shape from the bottom; then, punch four holes in the funnel to allow strings to go through. Next, pull two strings through the four holes and fasten the lid. Follow this by filling the bottom section with water and insert the funnel-shaped piece while making sure that the strings are immersed in water. Fill the funnel with potting soil and plant your herb seeds. Place the setup near a sunny spot. Since the lines absorb water, they ensure that the soil is ever moist.

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