Why Your Pizza Restaurant Needs a Brick Oven

Pizza, without a doubt, is one of the top dishes that Australians young and old love. So if you have a pizza restaurant, you can be assured of a lucrative business as long as you are churning out delectable food for your patrons. While an electric oven will do the job of baking your pizzas, the result is not nearly as authentic and tasty as when you cook in a brick oven. Authentic Italian restaurants have been utilising brick ovens since time immemorial, and this is why their pizzas are distinguishable from the mass-market variety. If you have never considered a brick oven for your pizza restaurant, here are some reasons you cannot resist!

Fast cooking time

When people come to your pizza restaurant, chances are they are looking for a convenient meal. Thus, the last thing you want is long lines of hungry patrons, who might end up not re-visiting your restaurant because of slow service. When you have a brick oven, you are assured of faster cook times than when you use an electric oven. Furthermore, depending on the size of your brick oven, you can have many pizzas cooking at the same time, which means your customers will receive their food in record time. The better the experience they have at your restaurant, the higher the likelihood of receiving loyalty from your customers.

Enhanced flavour

Pizza that is prepared in a brick oven has an undeniably better flavour than pizza that is cooked in an electric oven. The wood used in the brick oven lends a subtle yet distinct smoky taste to your pizzas, making them stand out from the other restaurants that use electric ovens. In addition to this, the heat distribution in a brick oven is much more even than in an electric oven. Therefore, there is a minimal chance of having parts of the pizza overcooked while other parts are undercooked. Overall, when you cook your pizzas with a brick oven, you are assured of a unique flavour profile that is difficult to replicate with conventional electric ovens.

Nutrient retention

While some people may consider pizza to be fast food, the reality is that it can be quite healthy with the right toppings. So if you want to cater to your health-conscious patrons, you should be considering innovative ways to keep your pizzas as nutritious as possible. The fast cook time provided with brick ovens ensures that vegetables and other toppings retain their nutritional value since they are not exposed to heat for a prolonged time. Thus, your pizzas will be a healthy option for your clients.

Consider also visiting other pizza restaurants to see what they do to get their pizza tasting so good.

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